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Photo Of The Week - Gardeneri Killifish (Aphyosemion gardneri)
By Aquatropic, March 1, 2019
Aphyosemion gardneri gardnei e

The Gardeneri Killifish is hardy and relatively peaceful fish that is suited for most hobbyists. It can grow up about 3 inches, so it doesn't need a big aquarium to house it. It does well in planted aquariums and aquariums that use wood drift decorations. Make sure to  cover the tank with a lid for it is a fish that can jump out of the tank.  It is, for the most part, a peaceful fish but are not recommended to be housed in large community tanks. They may become territorial and eat crustaceans. It can be kept in a harem of a ratio of 2 females per male in the group. To keep them in optimal health keep feed them a variety of frozen meaty foods.