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Aquatropic provides the fresh-water aquarium industry with a quickly growing variety of excellent quality fish, plants, and equipment. As our business develops we will continue to focus on the keys to our success, Quality, Variety, and Service, second to none.

Featured Products

Whether it's a plant that's popular or a fish that's fabulous, our biologists hand pick a few stock items every week for this list. Add these to your order and you won't be disappointed.

Aquatropic Ecoscape - Stones

Aquatropic Ecoscape brings you hand selected rocks and wood from around the world. Available in three distinct collections of unique appearance—Monument, Canyon, and Biotope. You are sure to find the perfect focal piece for your artistic creation.

Taxiphyllum barbieri

Don't forget that we carry a variety of plants form the Tropica line 1-2-3 Grow! The plant known as the Taxiphyllum barbieri is a great plant to use over any existing decorations in an aquarium that doesn't require much attention to grow. 


Betta splendens

Don't forget that we have a wide selection of Betta splendens. They are beautiful and  perfect for hobbyists looking for hardy and easy fish to care for. Keep them in optimal health by providing a varied diet of frozen and dry meaty foods.

Latest news from Aquatropic

A Collection of recent and relevant news from around the aquarium world, some industry insights and our famous species profiles from the in house team of experts.

Golden Roseline Shark (Sahyadria denisonii)

When it was first introduced into the aquarium hobby in the 1990s, the Roseline Shark became an instant classic. The species was initially collected heavily from its native habitat, the mountainous upland streams of Southwestern India, but this eventually gave way to its widespread aquaculture.

Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Snakeskin Yellow Discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus)

We recently received a shipment of Aquacultured Snakeskin Yellow Discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) that are in excellent conditions. This is a bright and beautiful fish that measures about 5-6 inches.

African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp.)

The Hydrocynus tigerfishes are among the most impressive of Africa’s freshwater fishes. The largest of these, the Goliath Tigerfish (H. goliath), is said to to reach more than four feet in length and over 100 pounds, naturally making it one of the most popular species for sport fishermen.