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Aquatropic provides the fresh-water aquarium industry with a quickly growing variety of excellent quality fish, plants, and equipment. As our business develops we will continue to focus on the keys to our success, Quality, Variety, and Service, second to none.

Featured Products

Whether it's a plant that's popular or a fish that's fabulous, our biologists hand pick a few stock items every week for this list. Add these to your order and you won't be disappointed.

Freshwater Angelfish

From Koi (pictured) to Veiltail and everything in between, we have an incredible variety of robust angelfish specimens in stock.

Tropica Rotala Indica

Rotala genus plants are willing growers that will form many side shoots and make a beautiful bushy "hanging" growth.  It should be pruned frequently.

Latest news from Aquatropic

A Collection of recent and relevant news from around the aquarium world, some industry insights and our famous species profiles from the in house team of experts.

The Tinfoil Barb (Barbonymus schwanefeldii)

With its sleek profile and eye­-catching silvery scales, the Tinfoil Barb (Barbonymus schwanefeldii) makes for an impressive addition to the home aquarium; however, this is one species that relatively few aquarists have the means to adequately house long­-term.

The Tiger Barb

The Tiger Barb is a perennial aquarium favorite with a much maligned reputation.

Swordtails (Xiphophorus hellerii)

Livebearing fishes, which are species that give birth directly to small juveniles rather than laying eggs, are some of the most highly recommended fishes for beginner aquarists.