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Whether it's a plant that's popular or a fish that's fabulous, our biologists hand pick a few stock items every week for this list. Add these to your order and you won't be disappointed.

Halloween Photo - Bandit Cichlid (Acarichthys geayi)

Are you ready for the spookiest night of the year? If not, I know a Cichlid with the perfect costume mask ready to trick-or-treat: the Bandit Cichlid. Care for them is relatively easy by creating an environment that mimics their natural South American waters and choosing the right tank mates. Make sure the aquarium also has substrate and large rocks for these Bandits like to seek refuge. They can live with other tank mates of the same species that are similar in size.  To maintain its health, feed pellet food or frozen meaty foods like mysis or bloodworms.  

Halloween Photo - Vampire L-240A Plecostomus

Vampires are classic costumes for Halloween, why not decorate your aquarium thank with this Vampire Plecostomus? Treat yourself this Halloween with this amazing and relatively peaceful pleco. Just like Halloween Vampires, they are carnivores.  Thus, feed it a meaty and varied diet.  It could be kept by itself; or if adding to an aquarium with tank mates, make sure to provide it with plenty of hiding places. 

Halloween Photo- Male Roundtail Dragon Scale Betta

Dragon costumes are some of the most attractive and distinctive during Halloween, just like this Male Roundtail Dragon Scale Betta. Not only is this Betta fish beautiful and mesmerizing, but they also require very little specific care. Use caution when choosing tank mates due to their aggression. Male Bettas are more aggressive than females and more aggressive towards their females. They can be kept in an aquarium with little to no current. 

Latest news from Aquatropic

A Collection of recent and relevant news from around the aquarium world, some industry insights and our famous species profiles from the in house team of experts.

Harlequin Rasbora Trigonostigma heteromorpha

The distinctive beauty of the Harlequin Rasbora (AKA the Porkchop Rasbora) has made it a familiar sight in aquarium stores since the earliest days of the hobby. This attractive and peaceful schooling fish is perfectly at home in most any community aquarium, rarely bothering other tank mates and lending a gorgeous coppery tone as it swims about.

Brilliant Rasbora (Rasbora borapetensis)

he Brilliant Rasbora is a study in understated beauty. Its shape is perfectly streamlined for quickly cutting through its watery home, while the black and gold lines running along the body add just enough panache to whet the appetite of any discerning aquarist.

Blind Cave Tetra (Astyanax mexicanus)

Caves are famous for the many highly modified species that live their entire lives in perpetual darkness. Many different groups of animals have adapted to this by evolving similar features, such as a loss of pigmentation, reduced or absent eyes, heightened sensory organs and even lowered metabolism and decreased sleep.