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Pseudomugil tenellus
Aquatropic, July 16, 2018

Need help deciding what fish to add to your aquascaped aquarium? We have your back. How about adding the Blue Eye Tenellus Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil tenellus). This small, simple beauty is perfect for planted aquarium.

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Peckoitia sp l015 tiger xingu
Aquatropic, July 12, 2018

The Xingu Tiger Pleco (Peckoltia vittata L015) is an ideal armored catfish for smaller aquariums that grows to less than four inches in length and sports an eye-catching pattern of diagonal yellow and black stripes.

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Aulonocara nyassae peacock blue
Aquatropic, July 6, 2018

If you like the color blue, then you will most certainly like the recently added aquacultured Peacock Blue cichild (Aulonocara nyassae). This cichlid is one of several blue color fish we have in our livestock list at the moment.

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Crenicichla saxatilis pike white spotted surinam e
Aquatropic, July 5, 2018

Pike Cichlids are a diverse lot, with species that range anywhere from just a few inches in length to the bruisers that can grow to over a foot long. Somewhere in the middle of this is the beautiful Crenicichla albopunctata.

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Happyfourthof july
Aquatropic, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!

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