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Photo Of The Week - Aquaculutred Celebes Half Beaks (Nomorphamphus liemi)
By Aquatropic, January 25, 2019
Nomorphamphus liemi  1

The Aquacultured Celebes Half Beaks (Nomorphamphus liemi) are good low maintenance fish with an unusual appearance. We have in stock Celebes that measure about 2.5 inches, but males can max out at 2.7 inches and females can max out at 4 inches. We recommend keeping them in a mid-sized tank of about 30-40 gallons with strong water flow and typical freshwater conditions. They can live in a small harem (1 male: 3 females) or as an individual fish in the aquarium. Celebes can live in a community tank as long as fish are of a peaceful temperament and same size. During feeding time they will accept a variety of frozen and dry foods.