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Photo Of The Week - Blue Panque L-239 (Baryancistrus beginni L-239)
By Aquatropic, February 22, 2019
Baryancistrus beginni l 239 e

If you like the color blue and are looking for an unusual fish for your aquarium, look no further and put the Panque L-239 (Baryancistrus beginni L-239) on your shopping list.  The Blue Panque L-239 makes a great center piece to most aquariums. It can grow up to roughly 3 inches, so an aquarium of 30 gallons is recommended for it to swim comfortably. Decorate its new aquarium home by including a sandy substrate and some driftwood pieces.   It prefers aquariums where the water is often kept clean.  It is a moderately peaceful and territorial fish, so if it will be added to a community tank make sure its tank mates that are of the same temperament and aren't territorial or food competitive. During meal times feed it a varied diet of frozen and dry foods.