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Photo Of The Week - Chocolate Red Pompom Ornada
By Aquatropic, June 25, 2019
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The Chocolate Red Pompom Oranda Goldfish is a classic aquarium choice for the beginner or young aquarist. It is also a revered carp by many long-time hobbyists. In particular, it is prevalent in Japan, where it goes by the common name Oranda Shishigashiri. They resemble a bloated stunted carp with adults developing brain like growth protruding forward from the head. While resilient they are slow swimmers, it's quite adorable actually, but it means that tank mates must also be incredibly peaceful. This means fish like Cichlidae are out of the question for temperament alone. As with all carp, they are incredibly wasteful and should be kept with biological filtration that generates gentle flow at the most. These are bred in captivity and should accept prepared dry foods from the get-go. These are not tropical fish and prefer cooler water, in the 60-65 Fahrenheit range.