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C...The Journal
A Reading Trees Publication
From world renowned author and aquarist, Anthony Calfo, comes “C…The Journal”, a quarterly publication packed with stunningly-beautiful pictures and informative articles. Anthony's unique writing style offers an easy to read look at his and others involvement with Aquatic Science, Travel and Adventure. This publication is printed in extraordinarily high quality paper and will be sure to land a place on any person's bookshelf or coffee table.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction of the inaugural issue of "C..The Journal":
In your hands you have what I hope you will find to be a uniquely educational and entertaining blend of information on aquatic and reef-oriented topics. We begin as a quarterly journal with an eclectic mix of stories and reports from home and abroad. The mission is to bring great natural wonders, above and below the surface, to light for your consideration and reading pleasure. With each issue you will see changing installments that embrace interesting sojourns, aquatic discoveries and the freshest aquarium hobby and science news.
My inspiration for publishing this journal is the same signature that familiar readers of my work will recognize. I take great pride in teaching, sharing and learning. I have also been blessed to spend much of my life traveling through many countries of the world and in both hemispheres. In all places, I actively take notes and make observations and pictures to illustrate the wonders seen. Better still, I have met a remarkable range of fascinating and experienced people with shared interests – many of whom you will become acquainted with through their writings in this journal.
Indeed, for time untold, man has been attracted to water for life, comfort, and recreation. Many of the understandings that we have today about “water life” date back to the earliest writings, including the ancient Greeks. It seems to me that most people are in some ways interested in the life aquatic. We take regular holidays to rivers, lakes and seas, and large populations live on or near shores. Even more people that never breathe the salty air will spend significant amounts of time watching and enjoying aquatic science programs. The film and broadcast industries invest heavily in producing popularly demanded nature content and they will continue to do so. I am of this shared passion as both a student of life and as a writer and photographer. If you are a fellow admirer of the sea too, this journal is for you!
To accomplish my mission though, I must have your support. Beyond the traditional needs of a magazine for subscriptions, sponsors and advertisers… I truly need your to help to hone the nature and matter of content offered. It's not a cliché or just an affable pleasantry for me to say, “I'd like to hear your feedback.” No, I really want to hear your opinions! Tell us what you read that you liked, and what you'd like to see. Help serve the greater good for all.
It has always been my love and intention to share amazing experiences. I have proudly volunteered numerous days each month for years now, mentoring people in SIGs, schools, online, commercial orgs, and elsewhere abroad on issues of aquatic husbandry, business and responsible stewardship. I wish to extend my passion for such information exchange here in your service and hope that you find my offerings worthy.
Whatever your perspective may be, from aquarium hobby to reef conservation or from aquaculture to recreation and tourism, please know that aquatic ecosystems of the world badly need our continued focus. In too many areas, adequate protection and support is lacking. Yet in most all areas, immediate solutions are rooted in the simple dissemination of good information: the oxygen of understanding. The highest compliment that you could give our aquatic fellowship is to share the information found in this journal freely.
And so, I respectfully charge you in all ways to please carry on gently in this world and to leave each place that you visit better than you found it. Please let this journal help you in that spirit.

with kind regards...
Anthony Rosario Calfo
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