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Coral - The Marine Aquarium Magazine

Unlike any other marine fish and reefkeeping magazines currently available, Coral contains in-depth articles on topics of interest to hobbyists of all levels. Each subject is covered in detail, complete with hands on do-it-yourself setup information, as well as breeding and husbandry details necessary to successfully keep many animals in the home aquarium. Much of the information provided has been tried and tested by a panel of renowned international experts.

Each issue of Coral is packed with breathtaking photographs and informative articles. There are "Tips and Tricks" for aquarists of all levels and a "Getting Started is Easy" column designed to help the beginner avoid many of the pitfalls often encountered by the novice aquarist. There is enough information in the pages of each issue of Coral to ensure that those with a true desire to duplicate a mini-marine ecosystem at home are able to succeed.

Coral also offers the armchair aquarist the opportunity to explore far off regions of the world's oceans without leaving home. Each issue contains a travelogue to destinations around the world. Whether you take a trip to "Clipperton, the Forgotten Isle," or explore the habitats of the Great Barrier Reef, there is sure to be something for anyone with a genuine interest in our aquatic ecosystems. Coral is sure to become a must-have reference on the shelves of all those with an appreciation of the marine environment, and a desire to preserve it for generations to come.

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