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Aquarium Power Gravel Vacuum - Parts and Accessories

Aquarium Power Gravel Vacuum - Parts and Accessories
Manufactured by The Ancient Mariner
0803030 : XT200 - Extension Tower Kit
Adapter kit for APGV-100 to extend cleaning to 200+ gallon aquariums. Doubles the capacity of the APGV-100 for removing all waste media. Helps with the initial cleanings of troublesome aquariums less than 100 gallons.
0803040 : Replacement Filter Cartridge (2 pack)
Convenient package of 2 filters. To make sure your APGV-100 cleans at it's optimal performance.
0803050 : Replacement Carbon (2 pack)
Very porous high grade pellet size carbon for the APGV-100. Removes impurities in water, detoxifies, and helps to keep your aquarium odor free.
0803080 : Silicone Lubricant
For coating all O-rings and gaskets. Only a small amount is needed.
0803060 : 24" Suction Tube
Suction tube for deeper aquariums. Will replace APGV-100 suction tube or can be used as an extension to original.
0803070 : Garden Hose Adapter
Quality made item that can be used with the APGV-100 to drain water from your aquarium.
0803090 : Starter Kit for APGV-100
For use in initial cleaning, and/or dirty aquariums, to increase cleaning capacity.
SKU Description
0803060 24" Suction Tube
0803070 Garden Hose Adapter
0803050 Replacement Carbon (2 Pack)
0803040 Replacement Filter Cartridge (2 Pack)