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Flatworm eXit

Flatworm eXit
Manufactured by Salifert
Flatworm eXit is a fish and invertebrate safe product capable of eradicating most common types of parasitic planaria (flatworms). However, the body fluids of the flatworms killed with the treatment can be toxic to aquarium inhabitants. To ensure minimal effects of the toxic fluid on the inhabitants it is recommended that a siphon be used to remove as many flatworms as possible prior to treatment.
Prior to dosage, it is recommended that all UV sterilizers and ozonizers are turned off. Any activated carbon in the system should be removed. It is recommended that the protein skimmer remains operational throughout treatment.
Additional information:
  • Add product to an area of high flow. If adding to a stagnant or low flow tank manually stir water to mix in medication
  • Visible death of the flatworms should be visible within 30 minutes
  • If no visible death of flatworms occurs within 45 minutes add 50% more
  • As soon as the flatworms begin to die commence with application of fresh activated carbon(1 lb per 50 gallons) to remove any toxic body fluids
  • After an hour or so UV use can resume
1 drop for every 1 gallon (4 L). The dropper contains approx. 300 drops (10 ml). The dropper cap holds approximately 90 drops capable of treating 90 gallons (360 L). One bottle effectively treats 300 gallons (1200 L).
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0792840 Flatworm (planaria) Exit