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TMC V2 Ozone Generator

This great addition to the TMC line of products is a highly adaptable and affordable ozone generating solution. The V2O3zone Generator is a key accessory in keeping your aquarium water quality perfect and your livestock healthy.

Raising the oxidizing levels (ORP) in your tank using Ozone helps to break down harmful organic matter, remove yellowing compounds, and improve protein skimmer productivity. In addition, the right ORP can help reduce deadly bacteria and fungus, which helps you to maintain a healthy environment for your livestock. The most common method of administering Ozone is through the air intake on your protein skimmer. When used in this
fashion the skimmer serves as a reaction chamber for the ozone before entering your aquarium.

Unlike most other ozonizers in the marketplace, the V2O3zone is incredibly versatile. With output ranges between 25 - 250 mg/hr of ozone, the V2O3zone can be used on a vast variety of different sized tanks, both marine and freshwater. Due to the adjustable output, aquarists upgrading to larger tanks (5-600 gallons) now don't have to buy a new unit to accommodate their increased needs.

Other features include a built in timer for 12 hour periods, an attractive LED bar display, and a splash-proof keyboard. A micro-processor fan keeps the unit running at maximum efficiency and with amazing reliability.

Features of the TMC V2 Ozone Generator:
  • Raises oxidizing levels (ORP) which helps break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water.
  • Suppresses parasite, bacterial and fungal activity providing a healthier environment for livestock in aquariums and ponds.
  • Improves skimmer efficiency by converting fish waste into more easily removable by-products.
  • Programmable for 25-250mg/hr ozone using soft start PWM technology.
  • Unique "high purity ceramic" ozone cell design with microprocessor-controlled fan cooling for highly efficient and reliable operation.
  • Inbuilt timer for 1-10 hours ozone generation in consecutive 12 hour periods.
  • Splash-proof keyboard and LED front panel.
  • LED bar display for both the programmed ozone concentration and timer period.
  • Blinking LED indication that ozone output is active.
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater aquarium from 10 -650 gallons (25-2500 liters) and ponds up to 1300 gallons (5000 liters).
Available Options:
  • 0752700: V2 Ozoninzer 25-250 mg/hr
SKU Description
0752700 V2 Ozoninzer 25-250 mg/hr