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Plants manufacture their food by the process of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is consumed during photosynthesis and this very important nutrient is often a limiting factor in achieving good, sustained plant growth. If satisfactory plant growth cannot be achieved despite good lighting, proper substrate, regular plant fertilization and regular water changes, it is due to the lack of carbon dioxide in the water.
Carbon dioxide is the single most important fertilizer for all green plants. While sufficient levels of dissolved carbon dioxide normally exist in nature, these levels are too low in most aquariums to achieve lush plant growth and must be supplemented by the aquarist. In marine aquaria, some invertebrates (e.g. corals) require a source of calcium to build their calcareous skeletons. Free carbon dioxide produces free calcium for these invertebrates upon reacting with normally abundant dissolved calcium carbonate.
Sander has systems for applying CO2 to both small and large aquaria. The Sander CO2 Floramat is used for small aquaria. For larger aquaria and systems, Sander recommends the use of a CO2 reaction chamber where large quantities of CO2 can be used to accurately dose the aquarium water. A special solenoid valve is used together with a pH controller meter and a pressure regulated source of CO2 .
Carbonic Acid Fertilization with FLORAMAT
The Sander CO2 Floramat is a simple but very effective device for fertilizing freshwater plants with carbon dioxide (CO2). You will notice a significant improvement in the growth of your freshwater plants when using the CO2 Floramat.
CO2 FLORAMAT REFILL (5 liters) : Carbon Dioxide (Carbonic Acid) gas refill for the Sander CO2 Floramat.
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